Friday, November 26, 2010

Max walk cycle from Cat's Don't Dance

Tigger Walk Cycle by MAËL GOURMELEN

Tigger Walk Cycle animated by Mael Gourmelen

Chip Walk (extremes only)

Extremes for a walk cycle of "Chip" . This is the extremes only, exposed on 3's. Would be inbetweened on 1's.

Tony White Walks

Two very different walks by Tony White. An eccentric "strut" walk and a character walking with the aid of a walking staff.

Get Tony's new tutorials:

Sultan walk cycle by Patrick Pujalte

Animated by Patrick Pujalte as a student at Gobelins .

Sultan Walk Cycle in 3/4 View:

Sultan walk cycle animated in Profile View and 3/4 view:

Determined Stride by Matt Williames

Walk Cycle animated by Matt Williames.

Stimpy Skip Cycle by H. Rosa

Stimpy Skip Cycle animated by H.Rosa.

Pink Panther Strut

Pink Panther strut/walk animated by Gobelins student Julien Rossire.

Ball & Chain Walk Cycle

Animated by Gobelins student J.B. Cumont

Limping Peg Leg walk cycle

Not sure who animated this. If this is yours let me know so I can credit it properly.

Wacky Robot walk cycle by Kimberley Palmer

Funny walk cycle of a wacky robot animated by Kimberley Palmer.

Man with No Name walk cycle

A cool foreshortened walk , which looks like it could be for an animated Spaghetti Western. Sorry , I have lost the name of the student who animated this. If this is yours , please let me know so I can credit it properly.

This was animated by Stephanie Blakey for a school assignment.

Sandro Cleuzo walk/run

A very fun walk/run animated by Sandro Cleuzo.

Day & Night walk cycle test

Test animation done for Teddy Newton's short "Day & Night" .

Franquin Walk Cycle

Walk cycle of one of André Franquin's characters.

"My Bunny Lies over the Sea" walks

Two funny walks from "My Bunny Lies over the Sea".

First , a walk cycle of McCroary playing the bagpipes. (nice animated ground plane effect on this) -

Next, Bugs impersonates an elderly Scotsman neighbor of McCroary's . Check out the great "stagger" tremble on the knees and the arms.

I've looped it several times longer than it appears in the actual film, so the Background jumps back to the beginning which makes for a slightly disconcerting "pop" at that point , but the cycle works fine if you just keep your eyes on Bugs , not the BG. (unfortunately the only clip I could find of this has the subtitles partially obscuring Bugs' legs)

Jessica Rabbit walk from "Tummy Trouble"

Jessica Rabbit walk from "Tummy Trouble", animated by Roger Chiasson.  I've looped it so it cycles, but the BG jumps each time it starts over , but other than that little jump this works ok as a cycle to study.

Image quality isn't great on this clip, but the best I have for now. I'll try to replace it with a better quality grab.

Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear by Eric Larson

Creative walks on Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear animated by Eric Larson for Disney's "Song of the South".

(larger file, so give it time to load up)

(old VHS tape so the color's not very good. But the beautiful movement of the animation still shines through.)

Tweety walk

Great stylized walk/waddle on Tweety from "A Tale of Two Kitties" .

Nice bouncy walk cycle of "Jupiter" the dog animated by Larry Whitaker. Used for the Digicel Flipbook demos.

Rough Walk Cycle

I'm told this is a rough demo of a walk that Jason Ryan animated.

The Blob walk cycle by Steve Gordon

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tissa David and Phil Duncan walk cycles for Hubley films

Two different walk cycles , done for two different films directed by John Hubley. These originally appeared on Michael Sporn's wonderful blog . (if you don't have it bookmarked go visit there right now and bookmark it . Michael is running a blog which is a combination animation history/animation technique university course , conducted via blogging.  Michael is a font of valuable information about the art and craft of animation. )

This first walk is from the Hubley-directed "Upkeep" ,  animated by Tissa David:

And this walk by Phil Duncan , from Hubley's "Of Men and Demons" --

Here's another Tissa David walk , of an old villager from R.O. Blechman's "The Soldier's Tale"

And excerpt from "The Solider's Tale" :

Animated by Tissa David until 2:08, the remainder by Fred Mogubgub.

Alf Prøysens "Kyllingen" walk cycle

Walk cycle for the animated short "The Chicken". Animation by Hans Jørgen Sandnes.