Friday, November 26, 2010

Jessica Rabbit walk from "Tummy Trouble"

Jessica Rabbit walk from "Tummy Trouble", animated by Roger Chiasson.  I've looped it so it cycles, but the BG jumps each time it starts over , but other than that little jump this works ok as a cycle to study.

Image quality isn't great on this clip, but the best I have for now. I'll try to replace it with a better quality grab.


  1. This is an awesome walk cycle reference to study from. Thank you :)

  2. I emailed James, he told me he just animated the opening where Roger talks to Mrs. Herman, Roger Chiason animated this scene because they showed a behind the scenes and he was interviewed and he drew a few frames from this scene.

  3. MrJohnffrey87 - Thank you for the information . I will change the post to correctly attribute the animation to Roger Chiasson.