Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tissa David and Phil Duncan walk cycles for Hubley films

Two different walk cycles , done for two different films directed by John Hubley. These originally appeared on Michael Sporn's wonderful blog . (if you don't have it bookmarked go visit there right now and bookmark it . Michael is running a blog which is a combination animation history/animation technique university course , conducted via blogging.  Michael is a font of valuable information about the art and craft of animation. )

This first walk is from the Hubley-directed "Upkeep" ,  animated by Tissa David:

And this walk by Phil Duncan , from Hubley's "Of Men and Demons" --

Here's another Tissa David walk , of an old villager from R.O. Blechman's "The Soldier's Tale"

And excerpt from "The Solider's Tale" :

Animated by Tissa David until 2:08, the remainder by Fred Mogubgub.

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  1. Tissa David (whose original name is David Teréz) is a Hungarian-born animation artist.
    To be honest, at first I thought he was a man, and her works that I found on the great page of Michael Sporn didn’t arouse my attention. Of course, since I know she is from Hungary I look at her differently :), and watching a detail from Soldier’s Tale the wonderful mobility and the dash by which this dialogue scene is animated were a nice surprise to me!